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    Pretty spot
    By Cris Brazzelli, April 16, 2017
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    Have been going to Camp Lake Fire for a little over a year now. It's one of our favourite places to camp and have had amazing times there. But after the recent long weekend it will be the last time we will be staying there until things change. $140 a night for a family of 3 and otherwise was $120 a night for a couple. We were lied to when making the booking being told the whole campsite was full and that they were the only two sites left for the whole park which we discovered was a total lie when we turned up and there was one other couple camping. Which then leads to no atmosphere and shows that the management are driving customers away. The rules are insane - apparently you can't camp together, can't move the fire pit or camp in front of it, can't have friends visit as day guests are not allowed. And on top of all of that they don't sell bait. We were also locked into the campsite on one of the days. I find this terrible as if you were in an emergency and needed to get out in a hurry you have to wait for someone to walk from the house to the gate to let you out. Down the bottom there are no porta-loo's.The management have ruined an amazing campsite and we won't be back until something has changed!!
    By Sarah Wright, April 16, 2017
  • This place is brilliant, a hidden gem. Terrific camping facilities and stunning views
    By Mark Wilton, April 14, 2017

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